Cursed to live in interesting times

July 16, 2009

I would first of all like to apologize for not being able to post anything new on this blog for almost a month. My MBA program had just started and the schedule was hectic .

It has been quite an interesting month. The Iranian Revolution fizzled out , Indian Union Budget was announced, Uighurs went on the rampage in Xinjiang , Google came up with another nail intended for Microsoft’s coffin, Michael Jackson died , McNamara finally got a chance to meet God and ask Him forgiveness for Vietnam , Sarah Palin resigned and President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras was ousted in a coup.

A month is indeed a long time in today world . As the Chinese say , “We are cursed to live in interesting times”.

Our world today is fluid .We live in a constant sate of flux, of power, economical and political, demographics , technology and climate changes. Our world is being fundamentally and irrevocably altered. Fifty years from now, you and I will marvel at how completely different the world was once upon a time. However at the same time , we have no clue as to what that change will look like. It is naive , nay outrightly foolish ,to predict anything at this moment. It is not guaranteed that China will rule the world, it is not guaranteed that America’s decline is inevitable, it is not guaranteed that Sarah Palin will always seek publicity . The World could turn out to be very different.

Let us embrace  change. Only those who can embrace the change, only those who can qucikly adapt themselves to the changing scenarios will survive.

The grass , which bends the way the wind blows, and not the proud tree which fights a gallant but ultimately futile battle against the storm is the symbol of the age. The proud tree stands no change, the storm of change is just too strong.


One Response to “Cursed to live in interesting times”

  1. Surabhi Says:

    Interesting read.

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