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I am Archit Tiwari. I live in New Delhi, India.

After completing my engineering course, I  worked for some years with a top bank. Now I am pursuing Masters in Business Administration from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade , New Delhi.

I have a keen interest in International Affairs , International Trade, History ( especially ancient and medieval ) , Alternative Energy Sources, Photography , Chess and Life in general. I love to travel , particularly to unconventional and not your-average-packed-with -tourists kind of places. I love to immerse myself in different cultures and savor the particularities of the different nations of this world.

This blog is an attempt on my part to make sense of the fast changing geopolitical scenario. I will be interested in analyzing these events and most importantly, their impact on trade , from an Indian angle.

This blog owes its name and inspiration to the 4th century BC treatise Arthasastra by the great Indian philosopher Chanakya . And like Chanakya , I believe that realism as opposed to blind dogmatism or mindless idealism had always been and will always be the most effective strategy for any country , nation or individual.

If you want to contact me:

I am always interested in interacting with people , like minded and unlike minded. If someone can broaden my mind or release me from any sort of prejudice , I am always grateful to him.

Professionally, I am interested in business networking and collaborating with people on challenging and rewarding projects.

So , all of you are most welcome to come and enrich my life with your wisdom and suggestions.

You can find my resume here :  www.visualcv.com/archittiwari

You can link up with me on Facebook   : www.facebook.com/archit.tiwari

And on Twitter : www.twitter.com/archittiwari

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